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Problem Roulette

Problem Roulette is a study tool for University of Michigan students. U-M faculty provide and manage questions from past exams, which are then served to students in a variety of study session features. Study data is captured, curated, and presented back to students and helps guide them in what they need to study more.

I worked on Problem Roulette during my time at U-M’s Center for Academic Innovation. As lead designer on this project, I was in charge of:

I also collaborated closely with:

Project Overview

A snapshot of the Problem Roulette, including feature demos and design system assets at work.

new Problem Roulette logo Problem Roulette iconography Problem Roulette iconography

Project Management & Collaboration

Artifacts showing how I stay organized and what I present to team members to facilitate discussions and collaboration.

overview of the new Problem Roulette brand design library

I used Adobe XD to create a shared design system and component library. This helped keep the UX and UI of the platform features consistent.

spreadsheet to track design statuses for Problem Roulette features

I created a working spreadsheet to track the design and implementation statuses for Problem Roulette’s features.

Problem Roulette feature evaluation

I evaluated features; made recommendations for improvements based on accessibility, typographical hierarchy, UXR findings & student feedback, and general best practices for design; and presented these to the team in an easy-to-follow way.